Why Secondary Health Care

Globally, there is inequality in distribution of health care. This is more so in emerging economies like India. There are too many caregivers and health care facilities, both public and private, in urban areas and too few in rural areas.

TCT has been working on rural healthcare for almost three decades on various primary health care issues, working with village women as health volunteers. As these programs evolved it became clear that there was a need to expand to secondary healthcare.

In an attempt to identify the health needs and common problems in our community, we reviewed the data of men and women who attended the village camps and medications prescribed in these camps. As a result it became clear that we need an integrated approach to our services.

Thus began our quest to start a Secondary Care hospital to provide accessible, affordable quality healthcare to the rural poor. We did enormous amount of groundwork for over two years to conceptualize and design the facilities to suit the community needs.

We are proud to inform you that the Thirumalai Mission Hospital has started functioning since mid April 2010 and has served almost 80,000 people. TCT Mission Hospital focuses on several secondary care programs such as general medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, pediatric and obstetrics and gynecology. We also have outpatient services and offer women’s screenings on a regular basis.

We have identified some of the major medical problems in the community such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Common Infections, Osteoporosis and Obesity.


Working in a collaborative manner with local medical experts, we became very enthusiastic as we met a number of people working with a similar service motto. They are continuously engaged with us in our mission to create an excellent community healthcare model that is sustainable and beneficial to the health needs of our community. Our field staff also contributes to the outreach of our healthcare model. Working with the doctors in the hospital, they are the bridge between the hospital and the community, ensuring that patients feel comfortable coming to the hospital, and get follow-up treatment after leaving. We are constantly on the lookout for other people to join us in our mission.